2017 Toyota Fortuner

The 2017 Toyota Fortuner is one of the most affordable SUV on the market.
Despite its very soft styling it has true off-road capacity.

Thanks to four-wheel-drive with low-range gearing, the Fortuner will take you anywhere. It offers comfortable seating for up to seven passengers.


EXR, GXR and VXR 2017 Fortuner Specs Sheet
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The new Toyota Fortuner comes with a choice of two engines. The 2.7-L 4-cylinder version generates 164 HP and for more powerful acceleration the 4.0-L 6-cylinder (V6) produces 235 HP. Both versions are four-wheel drive and feature a six-speed automatic gearbox.

The new 2017 Fortuner is a very reliable SUV with enough power to take you safely on the most demanding destinations.

The beautiful and sober interior provide much space and comfort. It has 3 rows of seats with capacity for 7 passengers, which makes the 2017 Fortuner a popular choice for families.

The new Fortuner 2017 is imposing, strong, reliable. It is appealing not just visually but also in terms of performance and handling.

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